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About Us

Taxivital C is a safe preparation that shows no toxicity. It is recommended to supplement the deficiencies of antioxidants in the diet and to conduct oxidative processes and protect cells against oxidative damage. The maximum permissible level of content ensures that the dietary supplement, according to the information on the packaging, is safe for human health.

Taxifolin, the main component of Taxivital, is approved by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and the Polish Sanitary Service.

The use of plant ingredients in dietary supplementation is a popular topic of meetings and scientific conferences, as well as a wide range on the Internet, so it is better to choose the pre-selection of its safety.

As an entity introducing Taxivital C users, we wanted to:

  • Safety of taxifolin use, i.e. compliance with legal and hygienic requirements while maintaining the highest quality standards,


  • Quality of raw material, i.e. High purity in the dose range,


  • User satisfaction. Thanks to the recognition of many thousands of people, we've been with you for over 6 years!

The use of natural substances. The preparation is used in anti-aging prophylaxis, i.e. it covers the best conditions that await many challenges with age in the event of oxidative stress increase.

We meet more and more often with people suffering from various ailments related to their lifestyle. In response to these problems, a website was created that aims to restore the optimal environment for every cell in our body.

We believe that everyone has the opportunity to make an informed choice on how to care for their health. We are convinced of the strength of plants and their use in prevention and recommendations. We believe in their strength and influence on human regeneration. We are convinced that each of us can improve our quality of life and extend it for many long years.

Although we live in the eastern part of Europe, we adopted the lifestyle of a Westerner. Unfortunately, many elements of this life negatively affect our health and well-being. That is why we have taken up the challenge for the Polish and European community with a substance called taxifolin, which comprehensively affects our well-being and health, regulates the processes that take place in our body.

Our path is to enjoy the benefits of nature. We were intrigued by Siberia, a remote region of Russia that captivates with its rawness is able to offer so much to the human. Our interests are also functional based on the function of the cell, the smallest and key element of our body.

The product is directed to people who do not want the side effects of oxidative stress. It protects cells against oxidative damage, including protein and lipids DNA, and the aging process.